Shopping in Mysore

Shopping in Mysore

To an explorer's view, shopping is a tested medicine. If you head over the weekend to Mysore, well, you're lucky to head to an extravagant shopping destination. Renowned for its sarees of silk, artifacts of rose wood, sandalwood and coffee powder, Mysore's a blessing for your shop-holic.  The town is 143 km away from Bengaluru, known for its rich cultural heritage.

   Mysore Pak

                      The legendary sweet from Mysore should be on your to-shop list for the true love of sweets that you can indulge in Mysore Pak. The origin of the sweet goes back almost 70 years, when the King of Mysuru asked a certain cook to produce a unique sweet that would bear the name of the city. The cooks were referred to as' Nalapaka' the person preparing the sugar syrup or' paka.' He made a rich and satisfying delicacy with the goodness of flour, sugar and butter, and called it Mysore Pak.

 Sandal wood products

When the sandalwood scent hits the nostrils, it sounds paradisiacal. Mysore offers a wide range of sandalwood items that would fill the musky smell of your heart and home. The connection between sandalwood products and the city can be traced back to the Wodeyar Kingdom's golden era. The Government Sandalwood Oil Factory was built in 1916 together with Diwan Sir M. Visvesvaraya by the King of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The aim of this establishment was to use assets to produce Sandalwood's purest form of oil. Located 2 kilometers from the Royal Palace, the factory welcomes tourists for guided tours where they can see the various stages of San's development.


Dublins have a mental touch to take back one of the best selling coffee poles in the country because of its close proximity to Coorg which produces the best coffee in the country. A powerful network of wholesale retailers and retailers are also getting coffee from other nearby areas, such as Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur.

       Wooden toys( Channapatna Toys)

Channapatna's craftsmen and artisans, a town close to Mysore, mastered the art of building exceptionally attractive wooden towns. During the reign of Tipu Sultan, Persian artists taught the art of crafting wooden toys. These colorful, affordable and unique pieces of wood make up magnificent souvenirs.

        Mysore Paintings

The town is inspired by various crafts that can be found in the objects. The traditional art of Mysore paintings dates back to the Ajanta era in the seventh century B.C. While you're on a shopping spree in Mysore, don't forget to pick some paintings depicting mythological characters and intensely detailed events.

    Incense sticks

A pasta consisting of spices and gum rolls around a thin stick of bamboo, in the fragrant oils when burnt release a hot aroma. Jasmine, rose, sandalwood, lily and more are good to collect from Mysore. Incense sticks are worth collecting.

   Rosewood Souvenirs

Picture incredible pieces skillfully made from rosewood. Find it difficult to trust? That's not the case. Here skilled craftsmen carve figures with different techniques from rosewood. We were immune to jargon. These invaluable decorative designs, designs and figures are remarkable remembrances.

 Silk sarees

Mysore's booming silk industry is a source of artificial silkworms and silk production in the region. The Zarian gold border, which embellishes graceful silk sarees, is an unavoidable addition to the wardrobe.

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