Somanathapura Temple


Somnathpur, otherwise called Somnathpura, lies in the area of Mysore in Karnataka, India. This little town is situated at a separation of 35 Kilometers from the City of Mysore. This town is home to the well known Chennakeshava Temple worked by the Hoysala officer, Somnath, in 1268 A.D is a live case of the legacy and culture of the Hoysala Empire and this sanctuary was built utilizing the soapstone. A great marvel, the compositional plan of this sanctuary pulls in individuals from everywhere throughout the world. The Archeological Survey of India has announced it as a legacy site.The Talakad Panchalinga Temple is another famous spot for explorers. Committed to Lord Shiva, this sanctuary is known for the Pathaleshwara Shivalinga the shade of which is red amid the morning, dark around early afternoon and white at night. The Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple is somewhere else worth visiting. Situated at a separation of 27 kilometers from this town, Shivanasamudhra, a little town is home to two well known cascades the Gaganachukki and the Barachukki that has its starting point in the Kaveri River. The city of Mysore which lies near this town is additionally a standout amongst the most visited places in the nation. In spite of the fact that the pinnacle time is a mid April, May, and September to January, the best time to visit Somnathpur is from October to March. Become familiar with Somanthpur. 

Now maintained by the archeological Survey of India (ASI), this temple was inbuilt 1268, by Somanatha WHO was general of King Narasimha III throughout the Hoysala reign. the development of this temple was completed in 1268 AD. By this point, Hoysala reign was already quite 250 years recent. It's aforementioned that Dandanayaka Somanatha, when establishing a village on the banks of cuvery River- Somanathapura, had taken the permission of King Narasimha III to form a temple dedicated to Lord Hindu deity. The temple was created not solely to hunt blessings of the lord however conjointly to showcase the desirable brilliance of Hoysala design and to represent its grandeur and complex skill. At the doorway of the temple, you'll be able to see a stone block with inscriptions on the temple’s history etched on that. One will browse well regarding the temple here.

Architecture of Somnathpur Temple

The entire Somnathpur Temple is built on a wide raised stage so the enthusiasts may play out a productive of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is assembled outstanding fit as a fiddle, enhanced with three proliferating cut apexes with a typical Navranga. The external dividers of the sanctuaries are designed with delightful carvings. The stage on which the sanctuary stands, is decorated with two situated lions. The sanctuary is organized in a progression of groups, twisting around a star from the structure. The principle passage of the sanctuary complex is on the east side of the yard. The fundamental place of worship on the inside is proliferated by a rectangular premises of auxiliary hallowed places and shelters.In the whole sanctuary models of elephants can be seen in various positions and balance, that are enhanced with chains and chimes. The principle three symbols housed in the sanctuaries of Lord Kesava, Janardhana and Venugopala. Be that as it may, the icon of Lord Kesava is missing at present, while the other two still can be found in their unique structure.

Reaching Somanthapur Temple

Chennakesava Temple is found in Somnathpura city. it's placed concerning thirty five kilometre from Mysore and 137 km from city. a preferred weekend getaway from city, this temple is additionally frequented by tourists World Health Organization are on a tour to Mysore.There are several buses from city, Mysore and Srirangpatna to Somnathpura. If curious about traveling at their pace then tourists may rent a cab from Mysore to Chennakesava Temple. It takes around one hour to achieve this temple from Mysore. This temple is additionally quite about to Shivanasamudra falls (50 km) that is another widespread holidaymaker attraction.

Places to Visit Around Somnathpur Temple

  • Mudukuthore (famous for Mallikarjuna temple)
  • Talakad (famous for Vaidhyanatheshwara temple)
  • Shivanasamundaram aka Bluff and Shimsa (famous for Gaganachukku and Bharachukku waterfalls)

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Somanathapura Temple Timings

Days Timings
Monday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Tuesday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Wednesday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Thursday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Friday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Saturday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M
Sunday 09:00 A.M to 05:30 P.M


Somanathapura Temple Entry Ticket Price

Rs.5/- for Indians

Rs.100/- for Foreign Tourists

No charges for Still Camera

Rs.25/- for Video Camera

Somanathapura Temple Address

Somanathapura, Karnataka 571120


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